GIF FEST 3000 is a celebration of everything GIF in Vancouver, BC. Featuring 20 of the world's best gif artists.

Organized and curated by
Erica Lapadat-Janzen

GIF FEST concept by
Gillian Zillion


GIF FEST 3000 is a part of

The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale

Carla Gannis 'Nasty Woman'
Milos Rajkovic aka Sholim 'Zuckerberg'
Lorna Mills 'Untitled'
Michaël Systaime Borras 'Post Interet Ecology'
Eva Papamargariti 'Touching Stones'
RAFiA 'Barney was black'
Chris Shier 'twz'
Faith Holland 'Blooming'
Fuzzy Wobble 'unnamed'
Bex Ilsley 'GF2'
Vince Mckelvie 'Charopengl'
Rollin Leonard
Miyö Van Stenis
Rick Silva 'RESIST'
haydiroket 'e_y_e_z_e_y_e_z_e_y_e_z...'
Carrie Gates 'Reflection on One and the Nebula'